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We will help you to make your new house feel like home.

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All-in 1 Service

A full service concept and all packages delivered ready to move in

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The most economical and flexible solution for temporary living

25 years

A family business with 25 years' experience in service with passion

That’s why you choose furniture rental from Furniture Lease

  • Also home linen, kitchenware and household appliances
  • Always accessible, even outside office hours
  • Bridging the period in which the sea container is on its way
  • A much cheaper alternative to a hotel or other temporary accommodation
  • Quickly furnishing a home for your employee
  • Rent out your home furnished
  • Accelerate the rental / sale of your home

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I want to quickly receive a free price offer!

Furniture Lease offers

  • Flexible rental periods starting from 2 weeks
  • Tailor-Made inventory or basic package
  • All-in rate without any extra costs
  • Delivered ready to move in throughout the Netherlands
  • Deliveries within 48 hours
  • 25 years of expat service experience
  • Personal and professional with passion

Reactions of our clients

Eric Puentes
3 July 2018

I lived in The Netherlands for almost 3 years and I have to say this company is outstanding!!!

John Coppock
2 September 2017

As an expat family, we used Furniture Lease when we moved to an empty home in Delft. They were...

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