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Furniture Lease furniture rental

We supply complete home furnishings for you, your employees or your customers. Besides furniture, we also supply a wide range of audio-visual equipment, white goods, kitchen utensils and home linen. With us, you can lease home furnishings for a lease period of 2 weeks up to 36 months and we can deliver complete home furnishings within 24 hours.

We arrange the transportation, moving and furnishing of your home, as well as connecting all the equipment. 

Home furnishing for expats

As an expat, you will be settling temporarily in the Netherlands. We will arrange a nice home for you and your family. You won’t have to worry about buying or moving furniture. After your journey, we will make sure that you arrive at a place that feels like home.

  • Get a quote within one working day, no strings attached
  • Make use of our fast delivery
  • Build your own interior or go for one of our ready made packages
  • Choose a lease option that suits your budget

Temporary furniture during relocation

When you’re accommodating employees in the Netherlands, you need a turnkey home. It can take a while for your employees’ furniture to arrive. Leasing furniture is more cost-effective than having your employees stay in a hotel or other temporary accommodation. 

  • A single point of contact 
  • Clear pricing without hidden costs 
  • Lease period starting from 2 weeks
  • We remove the leased furniture as soon as the employees’ furniture has arrived in the Netherlands

Furniture for temporary accommodation

Renting out a house can be challenging. A furnished home can be of added value for potential tenants. We offer special SNF packages (Foundation for Flexible Housing Standards) that can be helpful when housing workers. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss the possibilities. 

  • Benefit from our guaranteed lowest pricing 
  • Our service department is always directly available
  • No extra transport and/or delivery charges

Some of our interior styles

Reactions of our clients

Eu Select Uitzendorganisatie
Juni 2021
1 June 2021

Wij willen u hartelijk danken voor de verleende service en fijne samenwerking die jullie ons gegeven...

Martina Reis
20 May 2018

Very satisfied with the services provided by Furniture Lease. Great deal with Furniture Lease: best...

Complete Furniture Lease service

When you lease furniture at Furniture Lease, it always includes:

  • Transport to and from the home 
  • Installation, assembly and the styling of the home 
  • Required insurances 
  • Service department that assists within 24 hours
  • And we’re always available

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